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Hailey Rae's Care Bear Collection
Hailey Rae's Care Bear Collection
This is my daughter, Hailey Rae's Care Bear Photo Album. She has over 700 Care Bears and this is only a few. These pictures have been up since December of 05' and need to be updated. In September of 06' I will post more of her collection. I will be listing the Special Edition, 20th Anniversary, Celebration, and Vintage. Please feel free to leave us comments on what you think about Hailey's bears. I have set up a new email address just for her photo album. If you have any questions please email us at with "Hailey Rae's Bears" in the subject or it will be deleted. Thanks for looking, and enjoy. Jan 1, 2007: I have finally updated more pictures. I will eventually change this album into a 20th Anniversary site, and do others for the other sets.
28" Jumbo Retro Collection 
The 28 Inch Care Bears in Retro Style. These Bears have colored feet, and straight Troll hair. This style is found at various department, and toy stores. She also has Polite Panda, True Heart, Smart Heart, and Hopeful Heart. They were not taken in this picture. I have seen a vintage colored Tenderheart, but we don't have it yet for our collection,